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After serving a chai concentrate in our coffeebars for many years, we thought that we could create something better, something more authentic. Many chai concentrates are just too sweet, and Doug Palas, Intelligentsias Tea Buyer, wanted to create something that struck just the right balance between sweet and spicy. Our chai is a blend of black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, clove and ginger. It’s the place where spicy and sweet meet in perfect balance.
Chai Tea Concentrate


Add some extra flair to your décor while keeping your tea fresh and fragrant using this Personalized Ceramic Tea Jar. Our Tea Jars are delicately personalized with a rich and warm design, adding a wonderful touch to any room. Make this Personalized Ceramic Tea Jar a wonderful gift for family, friends or for yourself.
Personalized Ceramic Tea Jar


Runnin’ on empty? Well, fill this mug with the hi-test beverage of your choice and watch the gauge climb all the way to the Full mark. No it’s not magic, it’s just awesome heat-sensitive printing! Tank Up is crafted in high-quality porcelain and individually gift-boxed.
Tank Up Coffee Mug


If youre a serious espresso drinker, "Black Cat" is the gold standard by which all other espresso is measured. Carefully roasted by the good folks at Intelligentsia in Chicago, "Black Cat" makes perfectly golden brown shots of espresso that taste as smooth as caramel with no bitterness. Because we love our Black Cat, Abernook includes a sampler pack of cups (1 or 2), sugar, sleeves and lids if available. InteligentsiA Description: A combination of coffees from Latin America and Indonesia, the Black Cat blend is a result of our fanatical quest to build the perfect espresso blend. Exceedingly heavy in body, earthy, spicy, and bold, this blend is exotic and powerful with a sweet finish. Black Cat produces a sublime shot of espresso, and is equally dazzling for traditional coffee.
Intelligentsia Coffee
Black Cat


A traditional blend of black tea with the intense floral citrus flavor of bergamot oil.
Intelligentsia Earl Grey Organic Black tea


Round and earthy with flavors of toasted wheat and citrus fruit.
Intelligentsia Organic Orchid Oolong


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