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Everyone deserves to be featured as a star in their very own magazine cover - even your boss. This personalized magazine cover can be used as a unique Bosses Day Gift, Birthday Gift or Holiday Gift.
Corporate Magazine Cover


Let someone know that they shine like a star with our shining star letter opener.
Star Engraved Letter Opener


Tired of desktoys that only do one thing? Puzzled by puzzles that are hard to figure out? Frustrated by magnets that refuse to pull their own weight? Brace yourself, a whole new breed of adult toy is on the way. Featured in Rolling Stone, People Maxim, Esquire Magazine...the world cant stop talking about Buckyballs.
Buckyballs - Gold


Tired of desktoys that only do one thing? Puzzled by puzzles that are hard to figure out? Frustrated by magnets that refuse to pull their own weight? Brace yourself, a whole new breed of adult toy is on the way. Featured in Rolling Stone, People Maxim, Esquire Magazine...the world cant stop talking about Buckyballs.
Buckyballs - Silver


Give your boss the perfect mug to have his or her morning coffee. Celebrate a special boss for Bosses Day, a birthday or other special office event with our Top Ten Bosses mug and let them know they are Number 1. Please allow 3-5 days for personalization prior to shipping. This item is not able to be gift wrapped.
Top Ten Bosses Mug


What’s more annoying than going to the bank to make a deposit and finding the courtesy pen’s been snagged? Now, here’s your chance for a bank pen of your very own, complete with dangling ball chain. Perfect for that “young professional on the way up” look. Bank Job is equipped with a twisting barrel to extend/retract the tip, and it’s packed in a clear peggable box lined in cash-green flocking. This one is money in the bank.
Bank Job Pen


Handcrafted from salvaged golf club heads, our bottle openers celebrate the game. Made from assorted heads (yours may look different from whats shown here), theyre bestowed with unique character by years of Saturdays on the links. Approx. 7"L.
Golf Club Bottle Opener


Whether at the office, dealing with things at home...its part of every day life. Life is all about how you handle, PLAN B. 60 sheets of quality, heavy weight paper
Life Is All About


He loves me, he loves me not. No matter…you’re sure to love our handy Desk Daisy. The petals are colorful paper clips that cling to magnets in the center of each flower. The stems are bendable — simply twist them to create fun flower arrangements. Desk Daisy is an easy way to add a splash of springtime to your desk! We’ve included 30 colorful petal-shaped clips in each box.
Desk Daisy


Lighten up while doing paperwork! Our Pencil Holders put the "fun" in functional. If you are like me, they will also hold other items in addition to pens and pencils--like extra ketchups, and $2.78 in spare change. Makes a great gift for home or office; especially good for that GUY who is impossible to buy for. Each pencil holder is individually handpainted in browns, greens, warm reds and golds. Check out our additional styles and sayings. Comes in Decorative Packaging!
My Spreadsheets Pencil Holder


Celebrate the day in a fun way. Our Administrative Bouquet is the ultimate gift to give to the person who keeps things under control.
Administrative Professionals Flower Bouquet


Celebrate the joys of office working with the Her Modern Office. A collection of humours office essentials. Three office Files with quotes like Why Yes, I am overqualified"...(Anne Taintor) Office memo stickies (Anne Taintor) Office Note Pad (Anne Taintor) 9-5 Office Stamp Working Girls Tea Tin
Her Modern Office


Work is a necessary evil for most of us, and even those with an acutal work ethic frequently suffer burnout. Offer a friend—or yourself—maximum relief from the monotonous daily grind with our all-new Workday Recovery Kit. It’s guaranteed to turn your affliction into conviction!
Workday Recovery Kit


Everyone knows Stickman. He’s the generic male silhouette who’s constantly caught up in dangerous situations on street signs. Each set of puffy vinyl, reflective stickers captures Stickman in all sorts of awkward and painful situations, as he dutifully endures pitfalls and hazards in the name of public safety. One 8" x 10" (20.3 cm x 25.4 cm) sheet of twelve stickers in each package.
Stickman in Officeland Reflective Stickers

On Sale: $12.00

This 9" x 13" x 3" (22.9 cm x 33 cm x 7.6 cm) Musical Tie of the Month Prank Gift Box is the perfect prank for any occasion! Just put your real gift in the box, then sit back and watch as your victim feigns enthusiasm and offers an awkward "thank you" before finding their real gift inside!
Tie of the Month Gift Box

On Sale: $6.40

Bring some fun and humor to the workplace with our Have a Meeting Mug. Hate making decisions? Rather than talk about things than do things? WHY NOT HOLD A MEETING and enjoy benefits like Feel important Interact with others, Take notes, Delegate orders! Meetings are a practical alternative to work.
Have a Meeting Mug - Office Gift


Having one of those days. Whether youre a boss, employee, teacher, nurse, mom...have you ever just wanted to just yell out I QUIT! Dont wait until 5:00, instead take a coffe break...
I Quit! Coffee Mug


Chill Out with A Pewter Ice Cream Sandwich... Looks good enough to eat. Choose between the Black Ice Cream Bar or a Pewter version of the same. No Calories! Wont Melt!
Ice Cream Sandwich

On Sale: $20.00

Help a graduate, future journalist, or anyone you believe in to leave a lasting impression on the world with this inspirational gift. These small sculptures in sterling silver, bronze, white bronze, and pewter bring symbolic meaning and everyday sayings to life with a refreshing and whimsical twist. They cheer up, console, amuse, and inspire – from recognizing rites of passage to simply saying “Thank You!” Measures 6” long.
Pewter Pencil


Our elegant hourglass timer features a high gloss piano wood finish and stunning silver accents. The sturdy base and construction makes it as durable as it is beautiful. Three top and bottom casters keep the timer slightly elevated off surfaces. Silver and black the timer measures 7-1/2 inches and may be engraved with their name, initials, or company name on the top base. Great for a busy business executive.
Elegant Hourglass


This gorgeous clock will add lasting charm to any room! The lustrous chestnut-colored wood box contains a classic round-face clock; simply flip the lid to reveal the elegant, cleverly-hidden timepiece. This sophisticated clock is embellished with black Roman numerals on a white background. Tuck away small, precious objects for safe-keeping in the clock’s diminutive keepsake drawer. This perfectly-sized 4 3/4” x 4 1/4" x 3 3/4" clock box also makes a great travel item for the busy executive or professional on the go! Add flair to this gift by personalizing it with a name or logo on the box top.
Rosewood Clock in the Box


Looking for a gift that is stunning and highly unique? This eye-catching globe clock is the perfect choice. A handsome, high-shine rosewood box with gold accents encases a sphere that shows the time on one side and a globed photo frame on the other. Sphere has magnifiers for easy viewing. This clock makes a sophisticated gift for that exceptional person in your life. Measures 4 1/2” x 4 1/2” x 4 1/8”. Rosewood box can be personalized.
Desk Globe Clock


Stainless steel business card holder with magnetic men and poles. Sculpt different "teamwork" designs and this is certain to be an office conversation piece. Great gift idea for bosses day, gift for recent promotion, corporate gift or team building gifts.
Teamwork Business Card Holder


Our Impossible Plaque
Nothing is Impossible Desk Plaque


Send your boss the ultimate gift. Our duct tape roses are a fun gift idea to send to your boss for bosses day, birthdays or just to say thanks. Packaged with tissue, ribbon and cello wrapped. Each card comes with the following verse: Duct tape is commonly used in situations that require a strong, flexible adhesive. It is known as the “ultimate material”. Chose from one of the sentiments below. Silver roses come with silver stems
Ultimate Boss Duct Tape Roses


Our Fun Things To Do...When The Boss Isnt Looking Kit includes: Who Took All the Paper Clips book, box of paper clips, #2 pencils, rubber bands, and bubble wrap. In the world of corporate America, where most peons rub shoulders (and much more) in cubicle farms, one author asks, "Where can we cubicle drones and bored office workers turn for inspiration?" Aside from water cooler gossip, break room donuts, and motivational posters, there hasnt been much about the typical office job to inspire anything except corporate drudgery . . . until now! "Who Took All the Paper Clips?" is the perfect solution to transform disgruntled employee behavior into ultimate creativity. Turn packing tape and labels into your own sticker factory. Make a pinata from Post-it notes and a tissue box. The possibilities are endless! "Who Took All the Paper Clips?" provides busy worker bees with a fully illustrated and uniquely resourceful step-by-step guide to making clever retro-chic crafts out of the most basic office supplies. Break free from the monotony with projects like these: - Mirrored mosaic computer monitor frame made out of reclaimed CDs - Papier-mâché created from toilet seat covers - Greenhouse made with overhead transparencies and coffee stirrers - Harmonious zen garden created from coffee grounds - Voodoo boss doll formed from a mouse pad - And much, much more!
Fun Things To Do...When The Boss Isn't Looking Kit

On Sale: $15.00

Ideal for the office procrastinator; let them decide between resign, snooze, golf, tea break, gym and filing. Gift ideas: Co-Worker, Bosses Day, Corporate Gift
Desk Top Decision Dice


Whether you are satisfying a case of the munchies, filling up a pantry in a new home or just letting someone know you are thinking of them, this gift basket is sure to please.
A Case of the Munchies


Why shouldn’t filing be fun? These brazen folders add wit, color, and honesty to organization. Included for free is space for interior notation. Go forth and file!
Useless Information Folders


Why shouldn’t filing be fun? These utilitarian folders add wit, color, and honesty to organization. Included for free are useful checkboxes and space for interior notation. Go forth and file!
To Do...Sometime Folders


Why shouldn’t filing be fun? These utilitarian folders add wit, color, and honesty to organization. Included for free are useful checkboxes and space for both interior and exterior notation. Go forth and file!
Stuff Folders


 In the movie, a key character is a waitress who receives a little talking-to by her manager who espouses that the buttons they are required to wear on their uniforms are a fantastic way to express herself. If only she’d had the fifteen extra pieces in this kit! Included are fifteen flair buttons printed with fun sayings and designs, and a 32-page book that recalls the many hilarious moments in the film. With Office Space(TM) Box of Flair, you’ll always be prepared to “express yourself.”
Office Space Box of Flair


The Micro ManagerYour Personal Boss from Hell We’ve all had one-the rude, wrong, idiotic, and despotic boss. They steal your thunder and rain on your parade. Well, if the cretin in the corner office has got you down, here’s your chance to hold him up to a little ridicule of your own. With a comical Micro Manager figurine and ten scarily hilarious expression cards for him to hold, your coworkers will be in on the joke. Also includes an uproarious mini book that deviously describes the ways and means of the Micro Manager.
The Micro Manager


The newest line from Bag Ladies Tea, The Blossom Collection Introducing new design And tea flavors. Sophisticated yet whimsical. And just delicious! Each box contains 25 teabags of yummy tea tagged with thoughtful and witty tags, 6 per style.
Thank You Tea Gift


A fun gift set to send to your boss for bosses day, holiday gifts or other fun gift occasions. Stamp set includes 12 foam backed rubber stamps with ink pad.
I'm the Boss! Stamp Kit


This Item is discontinued from the manufacturer... Make an instant impression and spice up boring office memos with this set of four abusive stamps. Each comes with its own red-ink pad for maximum effect on paper. These Abusive Stamps are sure to add humor to your office.
Abusive Office Stamps


Suitable for laptops and PCs - USB powered... Youve just poured yourself that perfect cup of coffee. You sit back down at your computer, answer that flurry of e-mails and sign off those important documents. Then you pick up your cup and its that same old story - its completely cold!
Office Coffee Warmer

On Sale: $20.00

Officially recognize your co-workers for their Control-Freakishness! Great for family, co-workers, holiday office gifts... The Control Freak of the Year is "In recognition of the inability to delegate or give responsibility to anybody else."
Office Trophy: Control Freak Of The Year


Get through a workday with fun and humor. Our Last Day at Work mug is a humorous way to get through the workday.
Last Day at Work Mug


Great for co-workers, administrive professionals, bosses... Cyber symbols on an 18" bead chain. Sterling silver and enamel. Available in HELP, ESCAPE, CONTROL, DELETE
Computer Key Pendants


Great for the multi-cell phone family, this electronics charging station provides an organized way to store multiple mobile devices. Wires and cords are kept tucked away and out of sight, while your mobile devices have a "home". This beautiful rosewood charging station is lined in a soft fabric to protect items. Charging station also has a decorative 3 1/2" x 4" photo frame, making it an attractive yet functional gift. Charging station measures 8 3/4" x 5 1/2" x 5 3/8".
Personalized Charging Station


Give someone you love an extraordinary out-of-the ordinary gift with this Curving Spiral Paper Weight with Memo and Business Card Holder.
Spiral Memo and Business Card Holder


Brutally long business meetings are expensive. Bring TIM!® gives you the power to break the cycle. Bring TIM!® time management tool prominently displays the total cost of everyones time that ticks by. When people understand the cost, your discussion becomes brief, topical, and productive. Start running effective business meetings with the Bring TIM!® Meeting Cost Calculator & Clock. Time management the professional yet lighthearted way! Great for bosses and co-workers.
Make Every Meeting Count


What better way to taste sweet success than with dollar sign and money bag lollipops. This lollipop bouquet of hand-made, hard-candy lollipops is a great way to say “Thanks a Million” for a job well done. The assorted flavors include wild cherry, marshmallow and butterscotch. A great way to send a sweet gift that is sure to get noticed.
Thanks A Million Lollipop Bouquet


Celebrate the day in the sweetest way with this bright colored mug filled with hard candies and topped with an “Its Your Day” balloon. In addition to the hard candies we’ve included six hand-made, hard-candy star lollipops in assorted flavors including blueberry, watermelon and marshmallow to name a few.
Celebrate The Day Lollipop Mug


An arrangement of 17 handmade golf club, golf ball, and other golfing-icon lollipops fill this decorative ceramic golf ball. Some of the wonderful flavors are wild cherry, marshmallow and watermelon. Great gift for any golfer!
Fore! The Links Lollipop Bouquet


He’ll be in high spirits as he carries his liquid libations — alcoholic or nonalcoholic — in this luxurious leather and silver flask, which holds 8 ounces of his favorite beverage. Pocket-sized for portability, it includes a special funnel so he can fill’er up with ease.
Leather Wrapped 8 oz Flask


Reminiscent of pocket flasks manufactured in the 20s and 30s, this textured stainless steel flask holds 4 fluid ounces. Personalized with one line of up to 10 characters.
4 oz Stainless Steel Flask


The perfect cross between two pastimes. This handmade standard baseball features a crossword puzzle thats edited by legendary Will Shortz and filled with baseball clues. Comes in a display box with its own turf base, a crossword puzzle to fill out along with clues and tips.
NY Times Baseball


<i>What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?</i> Inspire courage. Affirm adventure. Take risks. This grounded paperweight challenges us to set our sights high and to dream. A great gift for graduates, someone starting a new job, career, or a new phase of life, or someone who needs a lighthearted heavyweight to lift them out of a rut. Solid pewter, 5" long. Presented in an attractive blue gift box.
"What Would You Attempt...?" Paperweight


Make todays gift tomorrows memories with our bent glass picture frame. Weddings, anniversaries, graduations, newborns, teachers, etc. the possibilities for a truly personal gift are limitless. Be as elaborate as you like. The custom capabilities permit the engraving of a wedding invitation or write several creative lines of your own. Available in horizontal or vertical formats. Gift boxed.
Customized Picture Frame
3 x 5


Our exclusive crystal drive is that special gift for the golf enthusiast. Made of solid lead crystal, this heft piece a transparent replica in size and shape of an actual driver head. An exceptional way to commemorate a hole-in-one, an exceptional round of golf, retirement gift, bosses day gift or birthday gift.
Crystal Driver


Simply place your fingers onto the sensor pads, then relax while The Oracle reads your vibe…and gauges your stress levels. Are you slightly strained or catatonic? Batteries included. Super-chilled or supercharged - which are you? Are you so laid back you are virtually horizontal? A cool customer who never gets hot under the collar? Or are you hurtling towards neurotic meltdown? The Oracle will reveal all.
Oracle - Stress-o-meter


This beautiful gourmet gift basket is filled with delicious treats sure to please. Our dark roast Cafe Europa coffee and Italian raspberry espresso cake is sure to remind your recipient of a little cafe found in Italy. Paired with English breakfast tea and old fashion tea cookies, this gift will be enjoyed by all who receive it. Additional items include: Old Fashion Taffy, a Hand Painted Mug, and Nunes Farms Chocolate Toffee Almonds.
Cafe Europa


put a smile on someones face today! This year send Sweet Stamps to some of your favorite sweet cookies! Licensed from the USPS, these 8 white chocolate dipped grahams with edible Happy Face Stamps and colorful non-pariels are sure to be a sweet treat that everyone will love. Sweet Stamps are the perfect way to send your love across the street or across the country! Certified Kosher Dairy
USPS Box of 8 Happy Face Stamp Cookies


tHESE "SWEET" BLOOMS ARE SURE TO PLEASE EVERYONE! This year send Sweet Stamps to your favorite sweet cookie! Sweet Stamps are the perfect way to send your love across the street or across the country! Certified KSA Kosher Dairy Great for special birthdays, anniversaries, retirements and corporate gifts...
USPS Box of 8 Flower Stamp White Chocolate Cookies


Our Personalized Calendar Mouse Pad is the perfect gift for anyone... from college students to those already working in the real world. Personalized Mouse Pad is a non-slip rubber Mouse Pad measuring 9¼" x 7¾" and is a ¼" thick. Includes FREE Personalization! Personalize your Calendar Mouse Pad with any name, choose between 10 different colors for the text.
Wake Up Calendar Personalized Mouse Pad


Our executive personalized leather portfolio can be personalized with a name and makes a great gift idea for graduations, administrative professionals, bosses or professionals.
Executive Personalized Leather Portfolio


Executive Sand Timer


Jazz up an office or home with our Diamond Paperweight. Great for co-worker gifts, boss gifts, bridal party gifts or holiday gifts.
Diamond Ring Paperweight


For a truly unique and funky gift, look no further! Our mechanical gear clock is a new take on an old style, measuring 4 1/2" x 3 1/4" x 6” and weighing 1 lb. Its gears are in motion at all times, making it as interesting to behold as it is to display! The bells chime as the easy-to-set alarm rings. A fashionable addition to any desk or dresser top!
Mechanical Gear Clock


The perfect gift for every occasion! Show your friends how much you care with this attractive friendship vase. Constructed with a thick glass base, this is the ultimate accent for any room. Garnish with your favorite fresh cut flowers or keepsakes. Personalize with a script monogram at no additional charge. Measures 6" tall. Hand blown glass may contain small bubbles.
Friendship Vase


This bright red, actual computer key is imprinted with the word "PANIC". Adhesive backing allows you to attach this novelty computer key to any object that brings you frustration. The set also includes the Any Key Button. Has your computer screen ever told you, "Push Any Key To Continue"? You searched and searched, but just couldnt find that elusive ANY KEY. Well...here it is.
Panic Button and Any Key Set


At Last! - The Perfect CoverUp For Life’s BIG Screw-Ups. Did you mess up? Goof? Flub the dub? Blow a deadline, miss an appointment, upset someone? Know someone who did? Need to make up with your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband? Quick! Grab a bottle of Liquid CoverUp – the GIANT WhiteOut bottle that talks! Record your own personalized message and give it to the person who messed up, or present it to the person you owe an apology to. This is the perfect, funny gift to lighten up an embarrassing moment, smooth over a screw-up, seek forgiveness from your wife – WHATEVER! A great gift for the office, family or friends.
Liquid Cover-Up
Fun Gift Idea


Anyone whod appreciate a tongue-in-cheek way to assert his or her authority will welcome this melodious desk accessory with a 32-page book on the history of gongs. This miniature gong and mallet make ... The Executive Desk Gong makes a great gift idea for an execuitve, co-worker, boss gift or to add to your desk.
The Executive Desk Gong


This is the ultimate gift for a female executive, boss or stylish girl. This silver and crystal embellished mouse is a must have to be in style. w/ps2 connection
Bling, Bling Computer Mouse


Casino Paperweight


Cube Chic Take Your Office Space from Drab to Fab! Tired of working in a bland, boring, office cubicle? Interior designer Kelley Moore has the solution with Cube Chic, a hip, irreverent style book with inspirational cube designs for every taste, from Tiki to Zen. With dazzling full-color photography and helpful decorating tips,youll learn how to create: The Garden Cube: Rather be gardening? This cube features bright grassy greens, floral prints, and a desk covered in bright gerberas. The Cabin Cube: Like a ski lodge at your desk, this cube features dark wood tones and creature comforts aplenty. The CEO Cube: Get on the fast track to the executive lifestyle, and create a corner office in your own space. And thats just the beginning—theres also a Hip-Hop Cube, a Pub Cube, a Safari Cube, and even a Cubism Cube. With so many eye-popping design options to choose from, Cube Chic will inspire office drones of all ages!

On Sale: $12.00

Yes, no matter what the weather or the quarterly forecast, it’s always the best of all worlds to be the boss... Charlos Gary, syndicated cartoonist with Creators Syndicate, provides a laugh a minute and the perfect gift for coworkers, whether the boss is asking you to wash his car, locking you in your cubicle, booby trapping the office supplies cabinet or firing someone on the same day they’re closing on their new house.
It's Always a Great Day to be the Boss


Golfers Paradise Cookie Gift Bouquet Send the Golfers Paradise Cookie Gift Bouquet is the perfect gift for any golfer young or old PGA pro or PGA dreamer!
Golfer's Paradise Cookie Gift Bouquet


You may select Happy Birthday Ribbon, Thank You Ribbon, or our all occasion ribbon. A fantastic gift for birthdays, rewarding a job well done, as a thank you, to a loved one off at college, or just because. Gift measures 8.5" x 6.25" x 7.25" and weighs 3 pounds
Celebration Gift Tower


No desktop is complete without our delightful Computer Box filled with crunchy Snickerdoodle Cookies. Makes a delightful gift for your office pal!
Snickerdoodle Computer Cookies


This simple affirmation is a thoughtful gift for a favor done, a kindness shown; or an ideal gesture during a needed inspiration. Ascop’s quote empowers us to make a difference, and is a daily reminder that every little bit helps. Cast in sold pewter, this beautiful paperweight, along with A World of Thanks Snacks, Tea and Biscotti arrive nestled in a rocking chair.
Gift Basket For Your Kindness


Kissing...playing hockey...snoring...teaching...parenting... Everybody is good at something. Is someone you know in need of a little recognition? Measures 1 1/2" x 1" x 91/6" - Gift Boxed
The Best Trophy


The Little Black Bag...Gal on the Go Kit This kit contains the ideal solutions for just about any situation a girl could have! The Gal on the Go kit is a popular gift idea for any working gal, mom, teen or any gal on the go. Wonderfully handy on the go necesseties that you wish you had close at hand. The soft microfiber bag was chosen to make the kit easy to store in the car, gym bag, or brief case. Inside pockets make the bag a perfect place to store insurance information or other important car documents.
The Little Black Bag...
Gal on the Go


Brew up a fresh idea for someone whos loco for mocha, hot for latte, or just loves java. Our burlap gift sack is chock full of fine coffee and great go-togethers, including imported European treats.
Espresso Yourself Basket


“Go Green” to protect you and your environment. Refill, reuse and reduce our landfills. Each bottle comes with dual, leak resistant caps, one for drinking, the other wide mouth to insert ice cubes and make hand cleaning easier. Also comes with handy caribineer clip. Our lightweight bottle weighs less than 6 ounces and holds 24 ounces of your favorite cool or cold drink (not for hot liquids). Measures 10” tall and 2.5” wide to fit most auto drink holders. Comes with attractive “Go Green” hangtag. Specify: Black Onyx, Ocean Blue, Earth Green, Petal Pink or Red Rose top.
Coffee Travel Set


The perfect gift for the man who appreciates the little things in life, and never remembers where he put them. Trés chic leather tray keeps spare change, cufflinks and important notes from disappearing into the Bermuda Triangle of your buddys apartment. Tray measures 6 1/4" x 6 1/4" x 1 1/4"
Leather Valet


With our Engraved Single Initial Money Clip, youll never loose another bill. Stainless Steel, buckle-style money clip that bears his crisply engraved initial. Measures 2 1/4" x 1 1/4" Specify a single initial. A great graduation gift idea, gift for boss or co-worker, birthday or holiday gift.
Engraved Single Initial Money Clip


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